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The Importance of Concentration

Would you go to the corner deli and order a sandwich and say, “Yes, I would like a sandwich, please.” Of course not. You would order the specific sandwich that you want.

“I would like chicken salad, no mayo, lettuce, and only two slices of tomatoes. I don’t want it to get soggy. Oh, and a little bit of pepper, and on whole wheat bread – there are only 2 slices left in the bread bag… that’s ok – I love the heel of the loaf!”

You would enjoy the sandwich that you ordered and it would make you happy because it’s what you wanted. It’s what you created. Specific focus builds positive emotions and a lot of emotional drive. These emotions give you no nonsense determination to reach your goals. When you really want a desired outcome, you will work for it.

Focus and Emotional Drive

When I first start working with young clients, some of them tell me that they want to “retire at 65.” That’s not really focused and there’s not a lot of emotion involved. Because the goal is so vague, they aren’t really invested in achieving it.

However, when working with clients I help them develop the specific outcome they want. The more specific, the better. “By age 65, I want to own an olive oil grove in California. During retirement, I could gaze out on my property and appreciate how pretty it looks during sunrise. During harvest time, the perfumes will be wonderful.”

Other examples that I have worked on with clients include, enjoying the fine culinary delicacies while living in the French Basque Country, having a lovely house in the Cascade Mountains that the entire family could enjoy year round, and owning an apple orchard in upstate New York that makes great cider and improves and uplifts the local community.

Getting to these goals takes many years or decades, and in some cases, a lifetime. Would you like to make sure that you are on track? What if you could work with a guide to not only reach your goals, but talk about them on a regular basis as you go through life?

Finances are not as easy as going to the corner deli and getting a sandwich that you really enjoy. Nevertheless, your finances need focus. If you need help getting precise on what you want, I can be your guide. This is where I can really help you. If you’d like to talk specifics, you can set up a free consultation. And pass the pickle spear!