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We all have ideas and thoughts about money, otherwise known as money mindsets. They’ve been with us for most of our lives. We heard these stories about money from our parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and friends. These messages are a major factor and speak to us as a private voice as we enter adulthood.

Perspectives, Positive or Negative, are Ingrained

Over time, we begin to believe these stories. These concepts were imprinted upon our young, fragile, eggshell minds. We continue these habits and thoughts – spending or saving, credit or debt – because it’s what we are used to hearing and experiencing.

But what if some of these money mindsets do not serve you? Perhaps they are not ideal?

Over time some incorrect thoughts have been amplified by so much repetition throughout a lifetime that we usually don’t consider them. They live in our subconscious and the subconscious is, oh, so powerful.

Have you ever thought about money mindsets? Have you ever thought about how you think about money?

Money Mindsets

When it comes to self-worth, how does money impact you? Do you think that money is a sign of success and a quality by which to evaluate yourself? What about comparing your house, your car, or your salary to those close to you?

Or do you evaluate your worth by non-monetary measures such as health, love, and community?

What about time? Can money buy you time? Maybe so, maybe not. Everyone has the exact same amount of hours – 168 – to use each week. How do you use those hours?

Are you maximizing the amount of time worked each week to earn more money, or increasing your leisure time as much as possible, or doing something else?

Finally, how does money affect your personal relationships? Are you toiling away at a job to earn the big bucks so that you can impress your friends and family?

There are a lot more money mindsets than the ones mentioned above. These notions are present in your subconscious. Although they cannot be eliminated, being aware of them and how they impact your money life are very important.

Money mindsets are tricky and tough to chat about. If you are feeling brave, and would like to talk with me about them, I look forward to it.